The Student

As a student you face a variety of unique and strenuous challenges on a daily basis. Trying to cram an incredible amount of knowledge into your brain while trying to balance the demands of daily life is an incredible challenge. Late nights, tight deadlines, often poor nutrition and sleep all take a serious toll. Students are forced to either swim or sink in a high stress environment that requires an immense pool of will power and dedication to survive and thrive in. Many times students use and abuse certain substances just to help them manage their busy lives. Gallons of coffee to keep them awake for long hours, and alcohol along with many types of recreational drugs to help them unwind and have fun when they have free time. Dangerous prescription drugs like Adderall are even used to handle intense workloads while faced with tight deadlines. Floating offers an incredible way for students to manage all of these extreme demands so they can accomplish their academic goals and unlock their true potential. Floating is the safest and healthiest way to get ahead!

Stress relief

Consistently facing high levels of stress makes both your mind and body weaker. Upcoming exams, lengthy research papers, complex group projects, all stimulate your sympathetic nervous system or fight or flight response. Continuously stimulated stress levels make it hard to perform, students become plagued with anxiety like symptoms as well as compromised immune systems. Being bombarded by high levels of stress for lengthy periods of time can only lead to burn out in which it is simply impossible to function in a demanding academic environment. Floating will maximize the functioning of both your body and mind by eliminating the nasty inhibiting effects of stress. Float therapy is the best way to wash away all the terrible symptoms of stress so you can perform to the best of your ability and achieve all of your academic goals.

The art of Superlearning

Often times being a student means being able to learn an enormous amount of information in a short amount of time. Various experiments have conclusively demonstrated that when one enters a state of deep relaxation and experiences no distractions, one can experience what is called hypersuggestiblity. In this state of hypersuggestibility any information received by the brain seems to bypass the many filters and layers that would usually slow down the process and become deeply engrained with the mind. Once in this state the technique of superlearning becomes available and incredible amounts of information can be absorbed and retained in just one session! For example, language students are said to have been able to learn thousands of new words, with total recall, in just one session while in this state of hypersuggestibility. The float tanks creates the perfect relaxing environment, eliminates all distractions, and promotes the synchronization of the left and right brain hemispheres to create the ultimate superlearning tool!   

Idea generation and problem solving

A student’s life is highly demanding, a never ending stream of paper writing, group projects and exams. A student is often required to generate ideas and solve problems like coming up with interesting topics for research papers creating innovative solutions for group projects. In this high stress environment it is imperative that your mind is firing on all cylinders so you can tap into your inner genius in order to generate the ideas you need to excel in your academic endeavors. The problem is that many students are often severely left brain dominant. This verbal, analytical side of your brain is strongly rewarded in today’s society and therefore becomes the more often engaged hemisphere of the brain. Floating has been shown to heighten the activity of the right brain which is often associated with creativity and intuition. Floating allows you to use a greater percentage of your brain and thereby increasing your mental capacity for complex problem solving and idea generation. By increasing the hemispheric harmony in the brain you unlock your true genius! Unite the brains to solve even the most complex problems and generate the most profound ideas in the tank!