The Professional

Our society depends on the work of professional men and women to thrive. From firefighters to doctors, business executives and teachers, all professions have one very important thing in common, stress. Some people handle it better than others, for some its symptoms can arise immediately, for others it may take years to manifest. Regardless, it is a price that everyone must pay at some point, a modern life tax, a sort of contemporary cost of doing business that binds every professional in our society today. The currency is your health, it is what suffers when you let stress run rampant in your life. Your performance suffers on all fronts, professional, personal, essentially whatever you are trying to accomplish in life is effected by how you efficiently you deal with the stress in your life.

The Professional

Stress comes a variety of sources, some obvious, some not. For example when your boss yells at you this is an easily recognizable stressor, but simple things like the bright fluorescent lights in an office and that doughnut you had for breakfast all add up to take a toll on your body. Even healthy things like a hard workout at the gym contribute to stress!

Our human bodies are simply not efficient at dealing with the amount of stressors that we face every day in this extremely fast paced modern world. We have not evolved fast enough deal with it! Stress has often been referred to as “the silent killer”, it is something that creeps up on us often without us even noticing. The float tank is the single most efficient bio-hacking tool to eliminate the negative effects of stress in order to optimize your health and performance in this crazy stressed-out modern world we live in.   

Major decreases in the stress

One of your body’s responses to a stressful environment is the production of the hormone cortisol. This hormone is essential for life as are all other hormones in the body, all have their roles and functions. The problem is that cortisol levels are constantly being elevated from our daily stressors and we don’t give ourselves an efficient coping method. Constant high levels of cortisol can cause countless negative effects on the body, everything from depression to heart attacks can materialize in the body should you allow for this hormone to run rampant. In a professional work environment there are countless stressors that will elevate your cortisol and bring these terrible health issues into your life. In order to protect your health, perform to the best of your abilities and still have the energy to enjoy your family, friends, and hobbies it is imperative that you find a way to deal with stress. Floating has been shown to powerfully decrease cortisol levels in the body as well as ramp up the production of all those wonderful feel good hormones like endorphins and dopamine. The float tank is your greatest weapon for fighting stress and allows you to truly optimize your life.  

Increase confidence and performance in the work place

The work place offers many challenges, difficult tasks that require you to be at the top of your game. Whether you are performing brain surgery, or delivering a presentation to prospective clients, your career depends on how well you perform. When stress levels are raised in the body and cortisol levels are high, your performance can often be negatively impacted. The pressure to perform in the work place can often lead to negative side effects such as anxiety, depression, and lack of confidence. Float therapy can help to keep these stress levels under control by greatly reducing cortisol, this leads to a general feeling of well-being, confidence and dominance.

Improve work/life balance

Most professionals struggle with keeping a favorable work/life balance. Trying to juggle the intense demands of the workplace while making time for family, friends and hobbies is one of the great struggles of our modern world. Many people find that they are giving all of their energy to their to their profession and have little to give to their loved ones and personal hobbies. Whether your profession demands physical labor such as trades work or the heavy mental and emotional strain of an office job, the battery life of your mind and body becomes drained creating a strain on your personal life. Float therapy helps to recharge that battery! By lowering stress and all of its negative side effects like high blood pressure and mental fatigue, and activating the para sympathetic nervous system for deep relaxation, float therapy helps to give back all of that precious energy you expend in your profession. This gives you the means to better enjoy your time with your family, friends, and hobbies.

Turn your body into a stress fighting machine

The thing is that everyone reacts differently to stress. For some people stress and chronically elevated cortisol levels can manifest immediately such as headaches, fatigue and weight gain. While others may not experience many symptoms until years later with severe health problems like heart attacks and strokes. The ability to better tolerate and adapt to stress is an amazing skill that can greatly aid you in your professional career. The capacity to maintain calm and poise in high stress key situations in the workplace is a skill greatly valued by employers and clients. Research has shown that floating actually lowers the adrenal activation state, meaning that by floating you actually increase your tolerance to stress. Floating has a lasting effect on you that makes you a stronger, more resilient person, allowing you to better perform under high stress situations and dominate your profession.