The Meditator

Meditation was once a highly uncommon practice shrouded in mystery and misinformation. It was once thought to be practiced only by yogi’s and Buddhist monks. As the world becomes increasingly busier and more demanding it is natural that many people would look for new ways to adapt to all the added stress in order to increase quality of life. Many people have begun to explore meditation both in personal and scientific/academic settings. Thanks to the work of many esteemed researchers we now know the amazing benefits that meditation has to offer. Everything from amazing health benefits to increased athletic and cognitive performance have been noted from meditation. No longer a mystical religious practice, meditation is now being used by people in all walks of life simply looking for a way to manage the demands of today’s fast paced society. Floatation Therapy offers you the most easy to use, immediate result producing form of meditation in the world today! If you are a beginner, you can achieve all the amazing benefits of meditation today without any training and practice. If you are already an experienced meditator, it’s time to take your technique to the next level!

Eliminate all outside stimulus

The problem is that no matter what you may hear, meditation is hard! Many people actually increase their stress levels from trying to meditate because they become  frustrated with themselves with the inability to grasp this “easy” technique. Unless you live in a cabin in the woods in the middle of nowhere, we are constantly bombarded with distractions. From emergency vehicles driving by to noisy family members it is often impossible to find a place within the confines of an urban area to efficiently meditate in peace. Float Therapy, also commonly referred to as R.E.S.T (restricted environmental stimulus therapy) is the most efficient way to block out all of your senses, and truly eliminate all distractions so that you may easily find the peace to achieve the most incredible meditative state.

Easily trigger the relaxation response

Meditation and it’s benefits have been thoroughly studied by science. Dr. Herbert Benson of Harvard Medical School described the state that mediation produces as The Relaxation Response. Essentially this is the opposite of the fight or flight response that occurs when we are being effected by some type of stress in the environment. Achieving this state is what meditation is all about, it is here where all the seemingly magical benefits are truly unlocked and made available to us. This state is often very hard to reach and takes practice and dedication. Float Therapy creates an environment for the body that makes the relaxation response an easily achievable state so that one can truly take advantage of all the benefits meditation has to offer. Already an accomplished meditator you say? Try floating today to go deeper into your inner self then you’ve ever gone before!

The fast track to enlightenment

Enlightenment, a term that bares many definitions and meanings to a multitude of spiritual people around the world. To some it means to reach a state of infinite compassion, wisdom and skill. To others it is a way of reaching nirvana, the highest most esteemed state in Buddhism, where one transcends the effects of karma and the death and rebirth cycle. Whatever enlightenment means to you personally, floatation therapy can help you get there faster. An important aspect in one’s journey to enlightenment in reaching a state of no mind. This state is achieved when you become able to release yourself from the confines of your inner thoughts and emotions, ultimately leaving you open to direct contact from what is often referred to as the infinite intelligence, or God. Floating does not guarantee you entrance to this life altering state of mind, it simply accelerates the journey one must undertake to get there. You can choose to walk the path of enlightenment, or drive there in the Ferrari that is a float tank.