The Creator

As a creator you seek to harness your creative powers to bring forth your art into the world. Whether you are a musician, painter or writer, you are filled with creative energy just waiting to be harnessed. Creative individuals are often looking for ways to enhance their creative process, to increase their inner creative powers. Floatation therapy has long been used by creative types to help refine their art and produce more beautiful and fantastic creations. The float tank offers an incredible place where artists can get in touch with the source of all creative energy to help summon forth amazing ideas and concepts for new masterpieces. Floatation therapy offers many benefits for anyone looking to create something amazing. Try floating today to enhance your creativity and become a true artistic genius!

Get in the Flow State

Most people have either heard of or experienced the legendary “Flow State”. This elusive state of being can be experienced by artists when creating their most profound work. It is a state where the brain seems to be firing on all cylinders, everything just seems to fall into place, one action flows into the next in perfect harmony. It is a place where both time and creative energy knows no boundaries. The Flow State is highly sought after and once experienced for the first time, many do everything in their power to reach this place again.

The float tank is an amazing tool for reaching the Flow State. The float tank offers an incredibly unique environment that is unlike anything else you can experience. Once inside, one may easily enter the Flow State without any significant effort. The float tank is both an environment as well as an experience. When one enters the Flow State inside the tank one’s artistic abilities are highly increased. What’s even more impressive is that people have reported the ability to access the Flow State more easily while outside of the tank as well. It seems this ability is transferred to everyday life, allowing artists to tap into their remarkable creative energy to create true works of art.   

Enhanced creativity

When looking to create a great work of art, the creator’s mind must be in a different place than it usually is. One must not be distracted by common everyday thoughts such as “what am I going to have for dinner” and “I wonder what my friends are doing right now”. The brain must be in a creation state in which one is completely enveloped in their work. When all of your senses and distractions have been blocked out while inside the floatation tank, something wonderful happens.  The part of your brain that is constantly making sure that you aren’t dying seems to shut off and the wonderful creative part of your brain comes out to play. Inside the tank many artists have come up with amazing new ideas for symphonies, new stories to write and sculptures to create.

Again this incredible enhanced creativity from floating seems to stick with people in everyday life. A study done by Canadian researchers was conducted on jazz musicians and showed that those that had previously floated scored higher grades in a jazz improvisation class than the comparison group. As an artist you are always looking to enhance your abilities and hone your craft. Use the float tank today to tap into your creative potential and produce your best work yet!

Artistic visualization

When looking to create a great work of art, an artist must first see or hear the object in their own mind before it can be brought forth into reality. Whether consciously or unconsciously, artists consistently utilize the powers of visualization to create their masterpieces. The power of visualization is well understood in science as an incredible tool for accomplishing complex tasks. Inside a float tank is the best environment to practice visualization to help you create your next great work of art.

The brain produces powerful theta waves at two very distinct periods of the day, the moment when you drift from a conscious drowsiness into a deep sleep and when we arise from sleep into full consciousness. During the theta state, the brain produces extremely vivid, dreamlike mental images. These incredible images are often associated with sudden insight, creative inspiration and enlightenment. It is difficult to fully experience the theta state normally because the window of opportunity is so small, the person quickly either awakens or falls asleep once theta waves start being produced.  Amazingly, floatation therapy induces this powerful theta state in the brain but often keeps the individual from falling asleep, allowing them to experience all of its wonders for long periods of time. Once in the theta state artists are able to experience intense visualizations that can lead to great breakthroughs in their work. Get your mind in the theta state today to experience your next big creative breakthrough!