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"Just returned home from my first float, very relaxed. The experience was great even from the very beginning with appointment reminders to both my email and phone with the option to save time by filling out the waiver in advance. Customer service was wonderful, I was well informed about the facility and felt relaxed from the get go! I am looking forward to future floats now that I know what to expect and am exciting to see what the short/long term effects of floating will be like. I really enjoyed the extra perks of the relaxation room equipped with extremely comfortable seating, an oxygen bar, water, teas and kombucha, it's a nice way to continue the experience and slowly get yourself back to reality. The vanity room was also a really nice luxury and well stocked with everything you need to feel refreshed and ready to go. I will be booking my next float soon, looking forward to it. Thank you for everything!"

- Carly


"I was suffering from severe lower back pain for almost 1 week before I decided to visit Zee Float. During my first float the pain went away half-way through the session. Which is an amazing feeling after a week in pain. Now that I did 3 floats in 3 days I’m pretty much pain free. What a great experience."

- Tobias


"Zee Float is sublime.

From the moment you walk in, the calming decor and ambiance sets the tone for a relaxing experience. For my first float, I was a little unsure what to expect, and I was admittedly a little wary about how claustrophobic I would feel or how much I would really enjoy my float. The moment I stepped into the float pod, all of my concerns melted away.

I was in the cabin room and had no issues whatsoever when it came to feelings of claustrophobia. The experience was unlike any other, and 'floating' in water of that buoyancy was an incredibly unique feeling. Every muscle in your body is completely relaxed and the best description I can muster is "weightlessness". I would highly recommend trying this for yourself as simply reading a description is a terrible injustice.

After my float I showered off, and then went to the oxygen room for a cup of tea. The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable which only added to the already hospitable vibe.

I would highly recommend Zee Float without any hesitation."

- Chris


"Floating is a transformative experience that has had vibrational impacts on my spiritual, physical and emotional being. Each float deepens my meditative practice, offering gifts of insight and release. 
My greatest float so far has been following a one-hour massage by Alicia Jury, RMT. The relaxing massage prior to floating facilitates optimal benefits of the float. Transformative. Blissful. Profound. 
I give my highest recommendation to anyone seeking pain relief. The potential for healing using deep breathing practices in the salt water tank is so vast! 
Thank you to Stacey and Jay for creating a forum for such amazing work to be done!"

- Matt


"Loved my experience at Zee Float, can’t wait to go back! Took a while to relax during my first float but once I did, it was an out of this world experience. Highly recommend! Great staff, really clean, quiet and comfortable facility."

- Lyndsay