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The Athlete

You are an athlete. Whether you compete at the Olympic level for your country, or you lift weights in your basement, you are an athlete. Whether you compete against the best in the world or against yourself, you push yourself to great limits in order to achieve your goals. In this crazy, busy world we live in today it can be very challenging to keep your body functioning at the highest level in order to achieve your goals. Poor sleep quality, inadequate nutrition, poor movement patterns developed, all take a toll on your body and contribute to holding you back in your athletic endeavors.

You may be surprised to know that professional athletes have been using float tanks for quite some time, it seems to have been a well-kept locker room secret, until now. Teams like the Philadelphia Eagles, Dallas Cowboys, as well as countless Olympic Athletes have been using floatation therapy since the 1980’s.  Athletes around the world are using floating to take their game to the next level, don’t be left behind, float your way to optimal performance today!

Major decreases in the stress hormone cortisol

Cortisol is one of an athlete’s worst enemies. Elevated levels of cortisol are common in hard training athletes. The body produces this hormone in response to stress, whether you have just run a marathon or completed a heavy deadlift session, cortisol can be found running rampant in the body. By getting your cortisol levels in check you can increase recovery time, build more muscle and strength, lose stubborn body fat, and increase overall performance.  

Increased recovery time from intense training sessions

As an athlete you know that consistency is the key to success, you must train hard in order to get faster, stronger and more skilled in order to be your best. During training sessions and competition your body’s sympathetic nervous system is activated, your fight or flight response is engaged. Your system is put on high alert and is ready for action. This physical state takes a toll on your body, it drains your biological battery. The only way this battery can be recharged is by activating your para-sympathetic nervous system, you enter this state when you are resting, and sleeping. However you are an athlete, and you push yourself further than the average person and therefore you need supercharged relaxation. Floating activates your para sympathetic nervous system in a way that no other relaxation technique can achieve. Recharge your battery faster so you can train harder and longer than the competition!  

Speeds up lactic acid clearance from the muscles

Your body produces lactic acid during intense exercise. You know the feeling, your muscles are burning, you are cramping up, feeling weak and nauseous, and exhausted. This buildup of lactic acid in the body decreases recovery time and performance, it is the bane of any athletes that need endurance in their sport to succeed. It can take the body as long as twenty-four to thirty-six hours to completely clear lactic acid. Therefore athletes that train hard and compete on a regular basis often experience a perpetual buildup of this chemical compound in the system. Floating acts to rapidly evacuate lactic acid from the system thereby speeding up recovery time and helping to eliminate muscle fatigue and tension.   

Increased speed of injury recovery/rehabilitation

One of the main unavoidable factors that slows down recovery is gravity! Our bodies are in a constant battle with gravity, we are always unconsciously using muscles just to keep us standing or sitting up straight. Gravity pulls the weight of the body onto all injuries from muscle strains to broken bones. This dramatically slows down the healing process as the flow of the body’s natural healing fluids are restricted. By temporarily relieving the strain of gravity on the body, floating allows for an increased circulation of the blood and lymphatic fluids which carry away waste and toxins while bringing healing materials to damaged cells.  

Reduces risk of injury due to muscular tension and imbalances

A massive percentage of injury in sports is directly related to muscular tension and imbalances. You’ve been taught that stretching post training or competition helps to remedy this by lengthening the muscular fibers and allowing them to recover quicker and prevent future injury. Many athletes suffer from chronic muscular tension in certain areas that need constant stretching and massage work in order to keep them functioning properly. Research has been conducted in which individuals were hooked up to EGM (electromyography) machines while floating to test its effects on the muscle tissue. After just a short amount of time floating dramatically reduced muscular tension. Floating showed to have a lasting effect on tension reduction for a period of time after the treatment. Floating helps athletes to become aware of certain muscle tightness and imbalances that they would otherwise not become aware of, this helps them to take preventative measures before an unwanted injury could occur.

Enhanced visualization to increase performance

Many have heard the often used sports cliché “The game is 90% mental and only 10% physical”. A frequently underutilized technique in sports is the technique of visualization. This skill has been used by athletes in all branches of athletics from professional basketball players like Steve Nash to gold medal winners like Bruce Jenner for many years to increase performance. The fact is at that at a certain level in athletics, everyone is talented, everyone trains hard, everyone is focused on nutrition, the mental game becomes the final frontier that athletes must master in order to truly stand out in their sport.

 Research done by Dr. Edmund Jacobson first established this mind body synchronization by having people visualize themselves running. These people were hooked up to a machine that measured their muscle contractions. He was able to show that the muscles used for running were being contracted simply by visualizing the act of running! Another study conducted on basketball free throws by researcher Alan Richardson separated boys into three control groups, one group who practiced daily, one group who only visualized shooting free throws, and one group who did no practicing or visualizing at all. Richardson found that the group who only used visualization improved their free throws by only 1% (23% vs. 24%) less than the group that had actually physically practiced shooting free throws every day. Visualization is clearly a powerful tool that every athlete should be using. The floatation tank has been proven to be an incredible environment to utilize the power of visualization. The profound relaxation one achieves in the tank allows the brain to produce an unprecedented amount of very slow, strong, rhythmical theta brain waves, which are associated with extremely vivid, lifelike mental images. Floatation takes your visualization game to another level allowing for massive boosts in athletic performance.

The Professional

Our society depends on the work of professional men and women to thrive. From firefighters to doctors, business executives and teachers, all professions have one very important thing in common, stress. Some people handle it better than others, for some its symptoms can arise immediately, for others it may take years to manifest. Regardless, it is a price that everyone must pay at some point, a modern life tax, a sort of contemporary cost of doing business that binds every professional in our society today. The currency is your health, it is what suffers when you let stress run rampant in your life. Your performance suffers on all fronts, professional, personal, essentially whatever you are trying to accomplish in life is effected by how you efficiently you deal with the stress in your life.

The Professional

Stress comes a variety of sources, some obvious, some not. For example when your boss yells at you this is an easily recognizable stressor, but simple things like the bright fluorescent lights in an office and that doughnut you had for breakfast all add up to take a toll on your body. Even healthy things like a hard workout at the gym contribute to stress!

Our human bodies are simply not efficient at dealing with the amount of stressors that we face every day in this extremely fast paced modern world. We have not evolved fast enough deal with it! Stress has often been referred to as “the silent killer”, it is something that creeps up on us often without us even noticing. The float tank is the single most efficient bio-hacking tool to eliminate the negative effects of stress in order to optimize your health and performance in this crazy stressed-out modern world we live in.   

Major decreases in the stress

One of your body’s responses to a stressful environment is the production of the hormone cortisol. This hormone is essential for life as are all other hormones in the body, all have their roles and functions. The problem is that cortisol levels are constantly being elevated from our daily stressors and we don’t give ourselves an efficient coping method. Constant high levels of cortisol can cause countless negative effects on the body, everything from depression to heart attacks can materialize in the body should you allow for this hormone to run rampant. In a professional work environment there are countless stressors that will elevate your cortisol and bring these terrible health issues into your life. In order to protect your health, perform to the best of your abilities and still have the energy to enjoy your family, friends, and hobbies it is imperative that you find a way to deal with stress. Floating has been shown to powerfully decrease cortisol levels in the body as well as ramp up the production of all those wonderful feel good hormones like endorphins and dopamine. The float tank is your greatest weapon for fighting stress and allows you to truly optimize your life.  

Increase confidence and performance in the work place

The work place offers many challenges, difficult tasks that require you to be at the top of your game. Whether you are performing brain surgery, or delivering a presentation to prospective clients, your career depends on how well you perform. When stress levels are raised in the body and cortisol levels are high, your performance can often be negatively impacted. The pressure to perform in the work place can often lead to negative side effects such as anxiety, depression, and lack of confidence. Float therapy can help to keep these stress levels under control by greatly reducing cortisol, this leads to a general feeling of well-being, confidence and dominance.

Improve work/life balance

Most professionals struggle with keeping a favorable work/life balance. Trying to juggle the intense demands of the workplace while making time for family, friends and hobbies is one of the great struggles of our modern world. Many people find that they are giving all of their energy to their to their profession and have little to give to their loved ones and personal hobbies. Whether your profession demands physical labor such as trades work or the heavy mental and emotional strain of an office job, the battery life of your mind and body becomes drained creating a strain on your personal life. Float therapy helps to recharge that battery! By lowering stress and all of its negative side effects like high blood pressure and mental fatigue, and activating the para sympathetic nervous system for deep relaxation, float therapy helps to give back all of that precious energy you expend in your profession. This gives you the means to better enjoy your time with your family, friends, and hobbies.

Turn your body into a stress fighting machine

The thing is that everyone reacts differently to stress. For some people stress and chronically elevated cortisol levels can manifest immediately such as headaches, fatigue and weight gain. While others may not experience many symptoms until years later with severe health problems like heart attacks and strokes. The ability to better tolerate and adapt to stress is an amazing skill that can greatly aid you in your professional career. The capacity to maintain calm and poise in high stress key situations in the workplace is a skill greatly valued by employers and clients. Research has shown that floating actually lowers the adrenal activation state, meaning that by floating you actually increase your tolerance to stress. Floating has a lasting effect on you that makes you a stronger, more resilient person, allowing you to better perform under high stress situations and dominate your profession.

The Meditator

Meditation was once a highly uncommon practice shrouded in mystery and misinformation. It was once thought to be practiced only by yogi’s and Buddhist monks. As the world becomes increasingly busier and more demanding it is natural that many people would look for new ways to adapt to all the added stress in order to increase quality of life. Many people have begun to explore meditation both in personal and scientific/academic settings. Thanks to the work of many esteemed researchers we now know the amazing benefits that meditation has to offer. Everything from amazing health benefits to increased athletic and cognitive performance have been noted from meditation. No longer a mystical religious practice, meditation is now being used by people in all walks of life simply looking for a way to manage the demands of today’s fast paced society. Floatation Therapy offers you the most easy to use, immediate result producing form of meditation in the world today! If you are a beginner, you can achieve all the amazing benefits of meditation today without any training and practice. If you are already an experienced meditator, it’s time to take your technique to the next level!

Eliminate all outside stimulus

The problem is that no matter what you may hear, meditation is hard! Many people actually increase their stress levels from trying to meditate because they become  frustrated with themselves with the inability to grasp this “easy” technique. Unless you live in a cabin in the woods in the middle of nowhere, we are constantly bombarded with distractions. From emergency vehicles driving by to noisy family members it is often impossible to find a place within the confines of an urban area to efficiently meditate in peace. Float Therapy, also commonly referred to as R.E.S.T (restricted environmental stimulus therapy) is the most efficient way to block out all of your senses, and truly eliminate all distractions so that you may easily find the peace to achieve the most incredible meditative state.

Easily trigger the relaxation response

Meditation and it’s benefits have been thoroughly studied by science. Dr. Herbert Benson of Harvard Medical School described the state that mediation produces as The Relaxation Response. Essentially this is the opposite of the fight or flight response that occurs when we are being effected by some type of stress in the environment. Achieving this state is what meditation is all about, it is here where all the seemingly magical benefits are truly unlocked and made available to us. This state is often very hard to reach and takes practice and dedication. Float Therapy creates an environment for the body that makes the relaxation response an easily achievable state so that one can truly take advantage of all the benefits meditation has to offer. Already an accomplished meditator you say? Try floating today to go deeper into your inner self then you’ve ever gone before!

The fast track to enlightenment

Enlightenment, a term that bares many definitions and meanings to a multitude of spiritual people around the world. To some it means to reach a state of infinite compassion, wisdom and skill. To others it is a way of reaching nirvana, the highest most esteemed state in Buddhism, where one transcends the effects of karma and the death and rebirth cycle. Whatever enlightenment means to you personally, floatation therapy can help you get there faster. An important aspect in one’s journey to enlightenment in reaching a state of no mind. This state is achieved when you become able to release yourself from the confines of your inner thoughts and emotions, ultimately leaving you open to direct contact from what is often referred to as the infinite intelligence, or God. Floating does not guarantee you entrance to this life altering state of mind, it simply accelerates the journey one must undertake to get there. You can choose to walk the path of enlightenment, or drive there in the Ferrari that is a float tank.  

The Health Optimizer

Improving and maintaining your health is one of the most essential elements of living a happy and successful life. If your mental and physical health are not optimized you are not living to your true potential. Without good health, nothing in life is can be fully enjoyed and no individual can possibly live their life to the fullest. Some of us have been gifted with perfect health without having to really work for it, while others struggle with their health at every turn. Life is about playing with the cards you have been dealt, no one is perfect, and everyone can benefit from improving their health through various techniques. Eating healthy, exercising, getting enough sleep, all of these are well known important elements of living a healthy fulfilled life. Floating is another one of these important elements that can be used to improve or maintain your health in many different ways.  

Floating offers a myriad of health benefits, everything from lowering your blood pressure to powering up your immune system to fight off colds can be accomplished from time spent in our float tanks. If you were to narrow down the benefits that floating has on your health, you might say that Floating makes your body and mind all around stronger and more efficient at healing itself from any problems that could arise. Floatation therapy is perhaps the most useful bio hack available to society today, it truly is the most valuable total health optimization tool. Float today to maximize your health!

Here's a short list of conditions that floatation therapy may help with:

  • Immune System

  • High Blood Pressure

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Molecular Self Improvement

  • Skin

  • Stress relief

  • Muscular pain

  • Rheumatism

  • Chronic pain

  • Fatigue

  • Fertility

  • High blood pressure

  • Migraine headache

  • Jet lag

  • Back pain

  • Pre-menstrual tension

  • Post-natal depression

  • Sleep/Insomnia

The Student

As a student you face a variety of unique and strenuous challenges on a daily basis. Trying to cram an incredible amount of knowledge into your brain while trying to balance the demands of daily life is an incredible challenge. Late nights, tight deadlines, often poor nutrition and sleep all take a serious toll. Students are forced to either swim or sink in a high stress environment that requires an immense pool of will power and dedication to survive and thrive in. Many times students use and abuse certain substances just to help them manage their busy lives. Gallons of coffee to keep them awake for long hours, and alcohol along with many types of recreational drugs to help them unwind and have fun when they have free time. Dangerous prescription drugs like Adderall are even used to handle intense workloads while faced with tight deadlines. Floating offers an incredible way for students to manage all of these extreme demands so they can accomplish their academic goals and unlock their true potential. Floating is the safest and healthiest way to get ahead!

Stress relief

Consistently facing high levels of stress makes both your mind and body weaker. Upcoming exams, lengthy research papers, complex group projects, all stimulate your sympathetic nervous system or fight or flight response. Continuously stimulated stress levels make it hard to perform, students become plagued with anxiety like symptoms as well as compromised immune systems. Being bombarded by high levels of stress for lengthy periods of time can only lead to burn out in which it is simply impossible to function in a demanding academic environment. Floating will maximize the functioning of both your body and mind by eliminating the nasty inhibiting effects of stress. Float therapy is the best way to wash away all the terrible symptoms of stress so you can perform to the best of your ability and achieve all of your academic goals.

The art of Superlearning

Often times being a student means being able to learn an enormous amount of information in a short amount of time. Various experiments have conclusively demonstrated that when one enters a state of deep relaxation and experiences no distractions, one can experience what is called hypersuggestiblity. In this state of hypersuggestibility any information received by the brain seems to bypass the many filters and layers that would usually slow down the process and become deeply engrained with the mind. Once in this state the technique of superlearning becomes available and incredible amounts of information can be absorbed and retained in just one session! For example, language students are said to have been able to learn thousands of new words, with total recall, in just one session while in this state of hypersuggestibility. The float tanks creates the perfect relaxing environment, eliminates all distractions, and promotes the synchronization of the left and right brain hemispheres to create the ultimate superlearning tool!   

Idea generation and problem solving

A student’s life is highly demanding, a never ending stream of paper writing, group projects and exams. A student is often required to generate ideas and solve problems like coming up with interesting topics for research papers creating innovative solutions for group projects. In this high stress environment it is imperative that your mind is firing on all cylinders so you can tap into your inner genius in order to generate the ideas you need to excel in your academic endeavors. The problem is that many students are often severely left brain dominant. This verbal, analytical side of your brain is strongly rewarded in today’s society and therefore becomes the more often engaged hemisphere of the brain. Floating has been shown to heighten the activity of the right brain which is often associated with creativity and intuition. Floating allows you to use a greater percentage of your brain and thereby increasing your mental capacity for complex problem solving and idea generation. By increasing the hemispheric harmony in the brain you unlock your true genius! Unite the brains to solve even the most complex problems and generate the most profound ideas in the tank!     

The Creator

As a creator you seek to harness your creative powers to bring forth your art into the world. Whether you are a musician, painter or writer, you are filled with creative energy just waiting to be harnessed. Creative individuals are often looking for ways to enhance their creative process, to increase their inner creative powers. Floatation therapy has long been used by creative types to help refine their art and produce more beautiful and fantastic creations. The float tank offers an incredible place where artists can get in touch with the source of all creative energy to help summon forth amazing ideas and concepts for new masterpieces. Floatation therapy offers many benefits for anyone looking to create something amazing. Try floating today to enhance your creativity and become a true artistic genius!

Get in the Flow State

Most people have either heard of or experienced the legendary “Flow State”. This elusive state of being can be experienced by artists when creating their most profound work. It is a state where the brain seems to be firing on all cylinders, everything just seems to fall into place, one action flows into the next in perfect harmony. It is a place where both time and creative energy knows no boundaries. The Flow State is highly sought after and once experienced for the first time, many do everything in their power to reach this place again.

The float tank is an amazing tool for reaching the Flow State. The float tank offers an incredibly unique environment that is unlike anything else you can experience. Once inside, one may easily enter the Flow State without any significant effort. The float tank is both an environment as well as an experience. When one enters the Flow State inside the tank one’s artistic abilities are highly increased. What’s even more impressive is that people have reported the ability to access the Flow State more easily while outside of the tank as well. It seems this ability is transferred to everyday life, allowing artists to tap into their remarkable creative energy to create true works of art.   

Enhanced creativity

When looking to create a great work of art, the creator’s mind must be in a different place than it usually is. One must not be distracted by common everyday thoughts such as “what am I going to have for dinner” and “I wonder what my friends are doing right now”. The brain must be in a creation state in which one is completely enveloped in their work. When all of your senses and distractions have been blocked out while inside the floatation tank, something wonderful happens.  The part of your brain that is constantly making sure that you aren’t dying seems to shut off and the wonderful creative part of your brain comes out to play. Inside the tank many artists have come up with amazing new ideas for symphonies, new stories to write and sculptures to create.

Again this incredible enhanced creativity from floating seems to stick with people in everyday life. A study done by Canadian researchers was conducted on jazz musicians and showed that those that had previously floated scored higher grades in a jazz improvisation class than the comparison group. As an artist you are always looking to enhance your abilities and hone your craft. Use the float tank today to tap into your creative potential and produce your best work yet!

Artistic visualization

When looking to create a great work of art, an artist must first see or hear the object in their own mind before it can be brought forth into reality. Whether consciously or unconsciously, artists consistently utilize the powers of visualization to create their masterpieces. The power of visualization is well understood in science as an incredible tool for accomplishing complex tasks. Inside a float tank is the best environment to practice visualization to help you create your next great work of art.

The brain produces powerful theta waves at two very distinct periods of the day, the moment when you drift from a conscious drowsiness into a deep sleep and when we arise from sleep into full consciousness. During the theta state, the brain produces extremely vivid, dreamlike mental images. These incredible images are often associated with sudden insight, creative inspiration and enlightenment. It is difficult to fully experience the theta state normally because the window of opportunity is so small, the person quickly either awakens or falls asleep once theta waves start being produced.  Amazingly, floatation therapy induces this powerful theta state in the brain but often keeps the individual from falling asleep, allowing them to experience all of its wonders for long periods of time. Once in the theta state artists are able to experience intense visualizations that can lead to great breakthroughs in their work. Get your mind in the theta state today to experience your next big creative breakthrough!

Those In Need of Healing

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